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Blues & Blades Barbershop History

There’s something about being in a Barbershop that’s always really attracted me. Whether it’s meeting and making new friends every day, the friendly banter and chit chat that comes with it, or if it’s the ever-evolving haircuts and styles that you’re mastering constantly.

In the year 2000 I was introduced to the hairdressing industry and started my apprenticeship at the early age of 16. I was instantly hooked. With over 20 years experience this job has taken me to places I would have never dreamed.

I was taught by a man that I still respect and adore to this day. He guided me to open several of my own barber shops across different states in Australia, and also to work in various hair salons in different countries.

People always ask me: What’s your number one approach to having a good vibe in a barber shop? For me it’s simple, make it feel like you’re customers are having a haircut round at my house.

Come into Blues & Blades Barbershop Ocean Keys, check it out, and kick back. Where the fridge is always stacked and it’s okay to leave the toilet seat up!

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